The Dance Of Life In The New World

Go to work, get to the weekend, see you’re friend, hug, shake hands, this is what we are all used too. The world changed this year, not forever, but for now. I couldn’t believe it, for a while we wasn’t even going to work. Sure many of us worked online, but working with people and seeing people is part of what makes us human I believe in some ways. It was very hard for so many people to live in this way, but thankfully because of a group effort we have found a place where we can still meet, see friends and work while keeping things as safe as possible to protect as many people as we can. If there was a dance of life, it would be now, I never though this would happen, in fact it never even crossed my mine.

I;m so please things have been able to get back to normal, from seeing my friends again, to businesses opening up. We need to keep the economy going and I hope we can keep small businesses going. It’s never been easy for small business, but it’s now harder than ever and it’s possible it could get worst. We take for granted all the shop and run and help us. Just last year my mum bought a carpet from a great small business which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but thing about it. If small businesses like this shop wasn’t running, then maybe the big companies could charge what they wanted, and we could really do anything about it. My mum also loves having more of a personal service which they was great at. If you are looking for a carpet in Croydon, be sure to check them out at for there full information and contact number. It’s good to keep small places running like them and my mum was very happy with everything they did.

We need to carry on, keep thing moving and keep things as safe as possible. I believe we are going amazing and we will get though this, and I for one am looking forward to it all being over. I feel for everyone who as struggled, but I know there will be an end to this.

I feel everyone has done great a continues to impress me. Who would have thought this would have happened but it has and I feel confidant we will make it because of the great scientist and experts working on finding a cure. And I think that even if they don’t find one, they will find something that will help and get the world back to normal again. They say this is the new normal, but I feel it’s more the temporary normal, it’s not forever, we will get back to the real normal again. And when we do, I will be very happen so be fully free again. To hug my friends and family, to go on holiday without worry and everything we loved before this started. Again, I love how we have come together and because of that I know we are strong and are fighters. We will win, and I simply can’t wait, and when we do, I will defiantly be dancing.